The Workspace Nudge for Well-Being

Encourage people to move, focus, and connect

In this paper from Haworth, we show how office design features, interior architecture, furnishings, and technology can be designed to “nudge” people towards behaviors and decisions that reduce stress and positively influence their well-being. The potential to leverage workspace to prevent health problems and promote well-being could improve the lives of millions of people and reduce costly healthcare expenses for people and organizations. 


In this paper, you will learn:

  • The three simple rules for designing an effective nudge
  • How environmental control and legible space can provide healthy nudges
  • How to provide healthy nudges for cafeteria spaces

The Workspace Nudge for Well-Being was authored by Dr. Mike O'Neill for Haworth to investigate links between workspace design and human behavior, health and performance, and the quality of the user experience.

Download: The Workspace Nudge for Well-Being from