The New Agile Office Transformation Handbook - Second Edition


The New Agile Office

Agile working extends beyond the establishment of flexible office space. It encompasses the deliberate shaping of employee conduct to match your organizational culture, attending to their requirements, enhancing work methodologies, and formulating a comprehensive strategy that caters to the present and future.

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Learn Best Practices for a Balanced Workplace

Agile working is more than designing your workplace to be a flexible, free-address office. It’s about influencing your employee behavior, addressing their needs, and improving the way they work. To help ease your company’s transition into a balanced workplace, we’ve compiled best practices and references to case studies to simplify your process.

Download the Agile Office Transformation Handbook, Second Edition, now updated for the post-pandemic workplace. Learn best practices for transitioning your office into a balanced workplace.


Strategy and Goals

Considering the emerging hybrid work model, some organizations have chosen to downsize their office spaces, whereas others are embracing an alternative approach. 


Corporate Culture

Does your built environment align with your brand identity? Your organization’s physical workspace serves as a tangible representation of your brand, and it significantly influences how customers perceive your brand image. 


Workforce Fluctuations

As we’ve all experienced and seen recently: many companies are experiencing fluctuations in their workforce, witnessing periods of rapid growth followed by downsizing. 

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Creating a balanced workplace takes analysis, planning, communication, design, and employee buy-in. Download "The Agile Office Transformation Handbook" for a full picture of what it takes to create a truly balanced workplace.