Improving Corporate Culture Through Workplace Design

A Handbook on Creating Change Through Custom Furniture

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What You'll Find In This Handbook

Creating company culture is more than team-building exercises and employee-handbook training. It’s about creating a sense of place, where employees can self-express, take-risks, and thrive. 

Companies of all sizes are embracing workplace design practices that offer an authentic solution and provide a platform to convey their personalities. In an effort to attract and retain talent, corporations are re-evaluating their physical environment and revamping their offices to spark creativity and innovation, from the floor up, literally.


Defining Your Corporate Culture

Corporate culture doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. As a company develops and grows, so does its culture.


Expressing Culture Through Design

While corporate culture is unique to each business, office design is a tool to shape and express that culture.


Improve Your Workspace and Culture

Try grouping furniture in transitional areas or built-in banquets seating for more community and collaboration.