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Growing with Los Angeles

It is with great excitement that we’re announcing that Unisource Solutions is making a major investment into the Los Angeles market!

As of September 2021, we are refocusing 100% of our efforts into the Southern California market via our Pico Rivera headquarters. This will enable us to continue to be the agile and strategic organization we are today by maximizing our investment in this highly competitive environment.

As a top-10 national Haworth dealer, our commitment to the region will further solidify and expand our market share alongside Haworth. Reinforcing our strategic alignment with our partners, we will continue to do work on a national level, with a focus on the Los Angeles market. 



This acquisition of our northern California satellite office provides Unisource Solutions the opportunity to fine-tune our company, and focus our resources on our largest market, Los Angeles. With this transaction, we are focusing our investments in the greater Los Angeles market to grow market share and opportunities for our people. This will propel our operation to the top of the office furniture dealership industry nationally. We are pleased to let MG West become the steward of our Bay Area operations, they have proven to be a wonderful partner during these negotiations, and we are convinced that they will continue to support our amazing clients and talented staff. We are fully supportive of MG West’s management team, and we will thoughtfully assist, in partnership with the senior leadership team, where and when needed, for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Jim Kastner, CEO, Unisource Solutions



Haworth appreciates its Preferred dealers’ commitment to growth by proving an exceptional customer experience. We support Jim Kastner’s strategic move—and the good work of his team as they focus on growing market share in Los Angeles.”  

Jack Cottrell, Vice President, Channel and Dealer Development at Haworth

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